Church Communities

The mission of Prison Fellowship Canada is to prepare and mobilize the Canadian Christian community in response to the issue of crime and the restoration of offenders. We are looking to establish partnerships with local Christian churches across Canada who share this commitment and are looking to minister to offenders, ex-offenders, their families and victims.

There are many ways for your church community to partner with the ministry of Prison Fellowship Canada, including:

  • Booking a PFC Representative to make a presentation at your church
  • Registering your church to be a Sponsor in our upcoming Angel Tree Christmas program
  • Promoting volunteerism with PFC within your church
  • Financially supporting the ministry of Prison Fellowship Canada
  • Opening your doors to serve ex-offenders and families

It’s out deepest desire to see the Christian community across Canada actively involved in ministry to those impacted by crime in their local communities. Involvement takes many forms; it may start small and grow and will be unique for every congregation.

PFC understands that the local church may not have the knowledge, connections or resources to do this on their own. This is where we provide training and connections for the church and volunteers to the ministry opportunities in their local area.

For more information about how your church can partner with Prison Fellowship Canada, contact Jon Miller