Angel Tree Camping

The heart of Jesus is for restoration. He has come to bring His good news of hope, restoration and healing to all who are broken and who long to experience the freedom and joy of knowing Him. For the 357,000 children with a parent who is incarcerated, hope, restoration, and healing are a daily need. 

Through our Angel Tree Program we have the privilege of helping children with an incarcerated parent to attend and integrate into a local Christian day or overnight camp.

Through Angel Tree Camping, a child steps outside of their home situation and into a camp environment full of adventure and fun. It also provides them with the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ and the difference He can make in their lives.

Donate to Angel Tree Camping

A gift of $300 provides a Christian camp “bursary” or placement for kids to experience the freedom to try new things, the joy of making friends, and the comfort of knowing the deep love God has for them. This year, we’re praying that more children than ever will experience camp as Angel Tree kids, whether in person or virtually.

To financially support our Angel Tree programs, you can

donate online or call 1-844-618-5867

Caregiver Information

If you are a caregiver and are interested in having a child participate in Angel Tree Camping, please encourage their incarcerated parent to speak with their Chaplain and request an application. Or contact us directly at 1-844-618-5867.

Funding is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis to only those who successfully qualify for the program. For any child who is approved for sponsorship through Angel Tree Camping, Prison Fellowship Canada regional staff or volunteers will work with the child’s caregiver to help connect the family with a local Christian camp in their area and facilitate the child’s camp registration.

Angel Tree Camping

Here is what prisoners and their families are telling us about the impact of this program:

“Receiving his summer box, through Angel Tree Camping, was a bright spot in our day. It felt like Christmas around here! The parcel said that we have been remembered and that we are cared about. Though his Dad is not present in his life, this is a positive thing that has happened between them, thanks to your organization.”  – Angel Tree Caregiver 

“Thank you for your support with helping our children feel connected to their father whom they miss dearly. They love telling their dad all about the fun they have at camp. It also makes him feel more involved with them as a parent. For that we are grateful and extend our thanks.” – Angel Tree Family

“Angel Tree has assisted in sending my granddaughter to camp since she has been a little girl. The camp has encouraged her to become a confident young woman who respects and likes herself. They have also taught her to have empathy for her parents since they have walked in and out of her life since birth. (serving multiple prison sentences)” – Grandmother & Angel Tree Caregiver