Releasing Gifts

We pray that the Holy Spirit would ignite a fire for each staff member, volunteer, supporter, and partner, to walk more confidently into their area of gifting. We pray that […]

Bridgecare Volunteer Teams

We continue to pray for partnered Bridgecare volunteers in every major city in the GTA (greater Toronto area) to serve returning citizens wherever they might return to. We also pray […]

Guard Our Tongues

We pray for wisdom for our PFC by Phone volunteers to speak the truth with gentleness and respect. We pray that the love of Jesus will be deeply felt to […]

Prison Lockdowns Cease!

We pray that every issue that arises leading to prison lockdowns would be stopped in the name of Jesus! We pray that solutions will abound, and this ongoing cycle of […]

The Word of a Friend

We pray that every volunteer and supporter in our database would be challenged to tell a friend about the ministry of Prison Fellowship Canada. We pray that every ministry need […]

Spiritual Formation

We pray that every seed that has been planted in the life of a prisoner through Bible studies, Bridgecare Mentorship, or PFC by Phone line support, would be protected as […]

Church Engagement

We pray that the Spirit of the Lord would go before us and make known the work we do both in and out of prisons to local churches – especially […]