Critical Development

Lord, we entrust the development process we are currently undergoing as a ministry into your hands and pray that no area will be overlooked, no issue unresolved, and for a smooth transition in both learning how to navigate as well as benefit from the new systems. 

Support Management

Lord, we pray that you would help us to see those areas of our relational ministry to our supporters that are lacking, and help us to find divine solutions that bring about greater trust in the work we do, and greater trust that you are paving the way to lasting change in the lives of […]

Diversified Gifts

Lord, as the needs of the ministry change, we pray that the anointing upon our volunteers will also redirect towards those needs. May those who have been intent on serving in-prison find within themselves a deep passion and conviction for supporting returning citizens if that’s where the need is. Teach us to go where You […]

Coming Together

Lord we thank you for the wonderful opportunities that you have provided for us to gather together as one, in fellowship and communion with one another throughout the year. We continue to pray for these divinely appointed times and seasons, and for the provisions for a wonderful time together. 

Provisions for Restoration

Being restored can be a spiritual journey, an emotional one, and even a physical one. We ask the Lord to pour out over the complexity of needs that prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families have, and through both the local church - and His cattle on a thousand hills - to provide for every need that […]

PFC Communications

We pray for wisdom as we prepare our various internal and external communications as an organization, and ask for guidance for each member as we grow in both our knowledge and understanding of the ministry. Give us the gift of discretion and soundness of speech. 

After Doubt

Lord we pray that our entire community of staff, volunteers, financial supporters and partners would continue to grow in our understanding of the issues of faith. We pray many would find depth of insight through the resource of A.J. Swoboda’s book, “After Doubt” which has been an office inspiration. 

Curing Complacency

Lord we ask You to shake away the spirit of complacency from the local churches and stir up a passion by Your Holy Spirit across Canada for seeking the lost - especially for those closest to Your heart: the prisoner, ex-prisoner, and their families. 

From Heaven To Earth

Lord, we pray that we won’t be so heavenly-minded that we miss the mark of truly understanding the depths and complexities of the issues in the lives of those we serve, but we also ask that we never become so worldly-minded that we can no longer serve as agents of change and transformation to the […]

Extending Our Reach

We ask the Lord that the work we do would spread through our community like a wildfire, rippling over to the communities of those in our current community. We pray that many would begin to understand how the issues of crime affect us all, and that many would seek to be more deeply prepared to […]

Financial Support

We continue to praise the Lord for all the ways that He so faithfully provides for our every need, and ask the Lord to go before us and prepare for us the means to accomplish every vision He entrusts to our care. We pray for His abundant supply for every need that arises. 

Office Management

As our needs for our national and regional offices change, we also pray for wisdom to guide us in the change of layouts, processes, procedures, and for grace to navigate these changes well.