Happy Mother’s Day

We lift up both our natural and spiritual mothers everywhere and pray for God’s richest blessing upon each one. May the Lord give them rest. May they see the fruit of their labours and rejoice, and may they each find encouragement toward the high calling of motherhood. 

In-Prison Programs

We lift up provincial and federal institutions in prayer for God’s blessings. May the work of rehabilitation in prisons across Canada be supported by the resources of Prison Fellowship Canada curriculum. May the Lord restore the work of in-prison ministry and open new doors of opportunity - as well as old ones - for restoration! 

Church Engagement

We continue to pray for new connections, more opportunities, and divine direction in how to best partner with churches across Canada to further the mission of PFC to equip local church communities in response to the issue of crime and the restoration of offenders. 

PF by Phone Volunteers

We thank the Lord for our faithful PF by Phone operators and continue to pray for God’s shield and covering over them as they minister to the difficult issues of incarcerated men and women across Canada. We pray for timely words of encouragement and words of knowledge that bestow healing, freedom, and restoration. 

The Forgiveness Journey

Every journey begins with a single step! So we pray that on the road of both receiving and extending forgiveness to others, incarcerated men and women would find their way upon this journey through this powerfully restorative program. May the Lord open many doors of opportunities. 


As we seek to engage and extend more resources to families with an incarcerated parent to connect to the community and thrive despite these strenuous circumstances in their life, we pray for a vision on how to accomplish that best. May the Lord give us inspiration for something powerful and effective that will be established […]

Far Away from Home

We lift up those families without the resources to travel to other cities or even provinces to visit an incarcerated loved one and pray that God would continue to surround those on both sides of the bars with community. 

Bridgecare Resource

We are so grateful for those contacts who have stepped forward to make a way for returning citizens to find employment upon release. We continue to pray that through the local church, many more opportunities like these will abound in the major cities across Canada clients return. 

A Generous Heart

Lord, bless the hands that give so generously to support the work of the ministry to prisoners. May they lack no good thing from You. May their hearts be full and always overflowing with your love and grace, and may you return to each one in their particular point of need. 

Delight in The Lord

We pray that each staff member, volunteer, and even those we serve would feel the overflowing abundance of joy exuding from us in our labours. May our delight be in You, our God, who is worthy to be praised. May the light of our lamps shine brightly, like a beacon giving direction to all who […]

The Call of Fathers

We pray for incarcerated men across Canada to be divinely connected with spiritual mentors both in and out of prison through PFC programs and the local church. We pray for strong, compassionate, grace-filled men to be born through the fire of incarceration and return Spirit-filled and empowered to serve life! 

Give Us Sight

We pray for the blind spots in our lives as volunteers, staff, and just for us as a corporate body as well. May the Spirit of Truth illuminate the things to us where answers are staring us in the face, resources are within our reach, and breakthrough is right around the corner!