God of The Details

We pray that the Lord would continue to highlight the finer points to us and those easily overlooked aspects of ministry in all that we do. We pray for the time and resources to continually address these details that support the larger work.

Establish Us In Our Prayer Life

We pray that Prison Fellowship Canada will continue to be earnest in prayer; constantly seeking and listening to the Lord both corporately and individually, and that the heritage of prayer carries on forever among our staff, volunteers, financial supporters, and partnered organizations.

Creative Outlets

We lift up those prisoners who are gifted with creativity and the various forms that it takes. We pray that they would find healthy and meaningful outlets for expression, and that the Lord would speak to them through it and to the world through them.

The Prodigal Son

We pray for understanding and insight as we develop our curriculum around Henri Nouwen's, "The Prodigal Son". We thank the Lord for this wonderful partnership with the Henri Nouwen Society and seek the Lord for direction so that we might carry out the intentions of His heart through this program.

Research & Development

We pray for continual wisdom in our data management strategy meetings as we seek to develop processes that will aid us in our ability to communicate as a team, as well as utilize the breadth of our data in ways that are more helpful to what we do. May the Lord continue to gracefully lead […]

Ride for Hope Preparations

We ask the Lord for clarity as we begin to prepare for our September Ride for Hope projects rolling out across the country. May there be continual and growing support. May we see an increase ten-fold of participation and may all the finer details to make the event a total success come together with ease.

Angel Tree Children

We lift up all of the children who are attending camp this summer across Canada and pray that the Holy Spirit would meet them in intimate and communal ways through the fellowship of their peers and the leadership of their counsellors.

Ontario Event Preparations

We lift up our staff as we labour to coordinate all the details of our Ontario fundraising event and ask the Lord for beautiful weather, for attention to detail, and for a Spirit-filled time together. May the moving of the Spirit be tangibly felt in all we do.

Angel Tree Caregivers

We lift up caregivers all across Canada who are receiving some much-needed time to themselves through their children attending Angel Tree camps. We pray that this time would be restful and restorative for them. May the Lord provide them with special encouragement for the journey ahead.

The Spirit of Reconciliation

We pray for the leadership of our country and ask the Lord to pour out His Spirit upon those in authority to deeply and intimately understand the ways of biblical justice. May we see powerful, effective and reconciliatory changes to our correctional system that express God's true heart for justice.

Volunteer Leaders

We lift up our volunteers serving in any capacity with PFC and pray the Lord's covering over them in the vast array of issues they encounter each day in this ministry. May the Lord provide wisdom and a continually maturing sense of discernment to meet every occasion that may arise.

Bridgecare Partners

We continue to seek the Lord to stir up and impress upon the Canadian Christian church community to come forward with resources to meet the wide variety of reintegration needs for returning citizens. We also pray that ex-prisoners would receive a vision for employing and engaging other ex-offenders.