Praise the Lord

The prayer of our heart is that we would be a people of praise! From our volunteers to our donors; our staff, and of course, those we serve - may […]

PFC Orientation

We give God the praise for the volunteers who have stepped forward to answer the call to serve prisoners. May the Lord direct them in their journey with PFC, providing […]

Angel Tree Camps

We thank the Lord for all of those Christian camps across Canada who partner with PFC to bring the gift of connection to the children of the incarcerated. We pray […]

Summer Nights

We lift up our national staff and pray for the gift of rest for each one. May this summer bring times of restoration; a time of reconnection with family and […]

Mental Health Day 1

We pray for the volunteers participating in our Mental Health First Aid certification course and ask the Lord to prepare each heart to encounter His love in a whole new […]

Mental Health Day 2

We continue to pray for our Mental Health First Aid course participants and ask the Lord to pour out His Spirit over Shirley Buchanan as she leads our volunteers through […]

Donor Support

We pray that the Lord would continue to provide for all of our financial needs at PFC through both grants and unconventional funding sources, but also through the stable and […]

House of Prayer

Just as we all are being built up together into a holy temple unto the Lord, it is our earnest desire to be a house filled with prayer. May the […]

Personal Development

We lift up our staff and volunteers and those who support PFC, and we pray that any obstructions to hearing from the Lord with clarity would be removed. We pray […]

Dreams for the Dreamers

We pray that the Lord would pour out His Spirit over prisons across Canada, and everyone from the prisoner to the superintendents would receive dreams from God. Along with them, […]

Divine Intervention

We pray that at every point of need, God would enact a pre-prepared plan to bring about His holy will for every situation in our lives and ministry. May no […]

Author of Authorities

We beseech our Lord and God and ask for favour with the authorities that He has put in place. May He make hearts so favourably disposed to the reconciliatory work […]