Prisoner Pruning

We lift up the incarcerated men and women across Canada and pray that the good work that God is intending to carry out through crisis would be powerfully and effectively […]

The Forgiveness Journey

We thank the Lord for the cultivation of this powerfully restorative program in biblical forgiveness. We pray that many prisoners and volunteers alike would be impacted by the content, and […]

Trauma Cease!

We pray for those PFC by Phone volunteers who encounter abusive situations on the PFC by Phone line. We pray that the Lord would protect their hearts and minds from […]

Stacey Campbell, CEO

We continue to lift up our friend and faithful leader, Stacey Campbell as she leans into the Lord, seeking guidance, direction and wisdom from on high to navigate the difficulties […]

Bridgecare Connections

We continue to pray for wisdom to facilitate strong spirit-led connections in our matching Bridgecare volunteers to Bridgecare clients. May the Lord work powerfully through these matchups to instill a […]

Regional Managers

We intercede for our RM's and pray that at their every point of need, they would be met with the favour, the grace, the mercy, and the kindness of our […]

PFC Priorities

With so many tasks vying for our attention, we pray for a strong and unified sense of priorities for our national team so that together we may build the future […]

Camp In A Box

We pray for those children who will not be able to attend camp this year but who will receive a camp-in-the-box alternative. May the Lord touch their lives deeply and […]

Angel Tree Leaders

 We thank the Lord for those children attending Leadership Training camps this year and pray that the lessons learned during this season will be beneficial to many areas of their […]

Open Doors!

We continue to pray that a floodgate of in-prison opportunities will begin to open up for volunteers all across Canada who are trained, approved and waiting to serve prisoners in […]

Ontario Fundraiser

We thank the Lord for His abundant provision that continues to uphold PFC in our national mission to equip the local church to serve prisoners, ex-offenders, and their families. We […]

ATX Ride for Hope

We pray for the many preparations to get these events underway, and also for a welcoming reception for our upcoming ATX Ride for Hope fundraising events across the country. May […]