With so many things going on both within the organization as well as in our personal lives, it can be difficult to adequately process the details of each task as we move so rapidly from one to the other. May the Lord etch out special times of reflection for each one of us to behold […]

Curriculum Video’s

We thank the Lord for the opportunity to develop powerful videos that accompany our in-prison curriculum and pray the Lord would bring forth speakers whose mouths He has filled with the words that break healing and life. We pray that these projects will serve to see prisoners set free in a greater way. 

Health Needs

We lift up all of our national staff and volunteers and pray for the wide variety of personal health issues that each one might have. We declare restoration and healing over each one of our lives. We pray for supernatural strength to carry out all the Lord has purposed for our paths. 

An Introduction to Jesus

 We lift up our introductory program that leads prisoners to behold the person of Jesus, and we pray that many incarcerated men and women across Canada would have the opportunity to meet the true Jesus of the Scriptures through the program. Since flesh and blood cannot reveal this truth, we ask for the Holy Spirit […]

Federal Clearance Procedures

As we continue to labour to see all of our volunteers receive this crucial clearance, we pray for a smooth process in all of these steps. We pray that our volunteers will be joyfully inspired to complete the process without distress or discouragement, but instead find the process to be a blessing in a special […]

PFC by Phone

We pray that every caller who calls on the PFC by Phone line feels like they are adequately served in finding encouragement, spiritual friendship, meaningful conversation, and hope-inspiring prayers. May the Lord bestow a Spirit of excellence upon those who serve on the front lines. 


We lift up the national ministry and ask the sovereign Lord to cover us from any spiritual attacks both within and without. May He guard our minds and hearts in Christ Jesus, fixing our focus on the author and perfecter of our faith as we serve Him diligently and tactfully while employing all the necessary wisdom fitting […]

Angel Tree Camps

We thank the Lord for all the children who had the blessing of attending an in-person overnight camp this summer and got to meet a community of peers, enjoy the outdoors, and learn about Jesus! May the Spirit of the Lord continue to minister to these little ones long after camp is over, and the […]

Office Support

This summer we were abundantly blessed by the additional support of interns assisting with everything from program administration to translation work. We pray for more funding opportunities that allow for us to stabilize ongoing support. May the Lord open an opportunity for us to employ sharp, diligent, and mission-focused support staff for every region.

Rest – Renew – Restore

We pray that all of our national staff found time to unwind this summer to hear from the Lord and be cultivated by Him. May the Lord cut away those branches bearing no fruit in our lives, and cause us to abound in greater fruitfulness in the things that remain.

Technical Development

We entrust our current technical development work into the hands of the Lord and we pray that He not only gives us the foresight to anticipate our future needs, but the aptitude to both learn and benefit from the new design. May the Lord give us a mind of wisdom for every task at hand.

Prisoner Life Impact

We lift up prisoners all across Canada who have had the opportunity to attend our in-prison curriculum or those who receive support on the PFC by Phone line, and we pray that the testimony of lives encouraged or transformed would powerfully serve as a witness to others to reach out for support.