Falling Through The Cracks

We pray that as we continue to cast and pursue our vision for the future, that we never lose sight of those details that can be so easily overlooked. May the Spirit give us an attentiveness to all the pieces that make up the whole - both in our current circumstances as well as for […]

Bridgecare Men

We lift up the male clients in our Bridgecare program, both those with children currently, as well as for those who have yet to be parents, and we pray that the Lord will shine forth ever so clearly what it means to have a good heavenly Father, so that these men can also reflect the […]

Bridgecare Women

We lift up the female clients in the program, and we pray that the Lord would bestow such a strong and independent sense of identity. We pray that the Lord would pour our over these women an intimate sense of His never-failing love that frees them to walk into the women they were created to […]

The Bridgecare Program

We lift up this powerful program and pray that many men and women would have open hearts to receive the support of a healthy community. May the Lord take hold of those individuals whose hearts are ready and willing to receive instruction and see a new outcome for their life towards this vital connection.

Angel Tree Christmas Prep

As we get our final documents together for the outrolling of Angel Tree Christmas, we pray for the Spirit's attentiveness to detail so that we can produce clear and concise communications for our partners, sponsors, churches and donors. We pray for a growing response by prisoners, and that every need is abundantly met.

Fiscal Year End

As we approach our fiscal year end in September, we thank the Lord for all the ways He carries and sustains us, and pray that every objective we had for this year is abundantly supplied for, and all of our ministry needs met. May the Lord continue to surprise with His kindness in this final stretch.

Angel Tree Christmas

We thank the Lord for the opportunity to serve families in this wonderful way. We pray that He would increase our reach this year so that many more families would be blessed by the wonderful gift of connection this Christmas. We also pray that more sponsors would step forward to meet the need.

Bridgecare Connections

Though Bridgecare connections largely depend on the ongoing willingness of the client, we pray that clients would feel encouragement and find meaningful, supportive connections to their Bridgecare teams. We pray that their every material need would also be met in awe-inspiring ways.

French Materials

We praise God that our PFC materials are now translated into French to expand our efforts in Quebec. We pray that this labour of love would be met with a welcoming reception at institutions in Quebec and other bilingual centres in Canada to reach these brothers and sisters with encouragement, healing, and restoration.


We pray for the various levels of transition that we undergo season by season as a national ministry and pray for an abiding trust in the Lord's pruning. May He cut away those branches within us that bear no fruit, so that whatsoever remains may continue to bear much fruit pleasing to Him.

Angel Tree Families

As children return from camps and recount their wonderful experiences, may these Caregivers also be blessed in knowing that they are loved and cared for through programs like Angel Tree. May these caregivers also find encouragement through the community support they receive.

Angel Tree Children from Camp

We pray that as the little ones return to school today that they would have lots of wonderful memories to share about their time away at camp this summer. We pray that the excitement encourages them and they find many practical applications for the things they learned at camp throughout the year.