Angel Tree Caregivers

We pray for those heavy-laden caregivers who have unexpectedly found their lives burdened by additional expenses of carrying the kids of their children or other loved ones. We pray they […]

Bridgecare Connections

We lift up the returning citizens who are working through their reintegration journeys in our Bridgecare program and ask the Lord for wisdom in finding and equipping volunteers to serve […]

Bridgecare Employers

We pray that more business owners through the local church across Canada would hear from the Lord and open their hearts to employing former prisoners. We pray that these connections […]

Bridgecare Housing

We lift up the need of returning citizens to find safe, affordable, and stable housing solutions, abounding from all kinds of supernaturally inspired ventures through the local church. May there […]

Bridgecare Faith

We pray for the continual encouragement of returning citizens entering the Bridgecare program. We ask the Lord to find unique and special ways to speak to them so personally that […]

Navigating Changes

We pray for wisdom and direction as we review our organizational structure and examine the best ways to serve our mission and vision. We pray that we would have hearts […]

Holy, Set Apart for the Lord

We pray and ask the Lord to send us those volunteers who are truly filled with His Holy Spirit and for our discernment to recognize it. We pray that all […]

Thank You, Lord

We thank the Lord for the call to ministry; for the resources to carry it out; for His continual care for us along the way; for His ever-enduring love that […]

Fiscal Objectives

We pray and ask the Lord for both a strong financial start and end to this new fiscal year for Prison Fellowship Canada. May the Lord so abundantly provide for […]

PFC by Phone Volunteers

We lift up our volunteers who serve in earnest on the PFC by Phone lines across Canada and ask the Lord to give them divine utterances every time they speak […]

Mental Health First Aid

We pray for all the volunteers in attendance for our MHFA training and ask the Spirit of the Lord to lead us in our time together to speak honestly and […]

Mental Health First Aid

We pray the Spirit of peace will bring a lightness to the heavy topics surrounding mental health and lead everyone in participation in today's training to a place of surrender […]