Remove The Barriers

Just as we do not wage war with the weapons of this world, we speak in authority against the spiritual barriers to the places where you have desired for us […]

A Bridge To Connection

Lord we pray for your blessings and protection over the volunteers who so faithfully serve through our Bridgecare program. We pray that the work will continue to find meaningful resources […]

Roots That Go Deep

Lord we pray for the good Word that many prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families have been privy to receive through the work of the ministry across Canada. We pray that […]

ATX: Exceeding Expectations

Lord we pray for the opportunity to serve more incarcerated mothers and fathers through the Angel Tree Christmas program than any previous year! We also pray that you will supply […]

Leadership Training

Lord, we need you to continually show us how the examples of your leadership in Scripture parallel the challenges we often face today. Give us a mind to pursue serving […]

Prison Ministers

Lord, we pray for a special covering over those who faithfully serve to facilitate curriculum in a prison setting. We pray that you would set a guard over their tongues, […]

Labouring Together

Lord, we call upon the parts of the body that are not yet perfectly represented in the whole building that You are building through us. We pray that we would […]

Just A Phone Call Away

We pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to impress upon new and longtime prisoners the opportunity for change through spiritual friendship over the phone on our PFC by Phone […]

Regional Needs

Every province faces its own unique context for connecting to a prison ministry, and yet we pray that as a holy organization, we best represent the ministry in the light […]

Prophetically Dreaming

Dreams can be a way in which we develop in our ability to marvel at the omniscience of God in all things. We pray that prisoners and ex-prisoners continue to […]

Care for Chaplains

We lift up Chaplains who serve prisoners every day in the context of prisons all across Canada. We pray that they will continue to find holy encouragement and hope in […]

The Song Of Our Hearts

We pray that the Lord would impart a holy song from heaven into the hearts of our staff, volunteers, supporters, and those we serve, that makes the day just a […]