Regional Needs

Every province faces its own unique context for connecting to a prison ministry, and yet we pray that as a holy organization, we best represent the ministry in the light […]

Prophetically Dreaming

Dreams can be a way in which we develop in our ability to marvel at the omniscience of God in all things. We pray that prisoners and ex-prisoners continue to […]

Care for Chaplains

We lift up Chaplains who serve prisoners every day in the context of prisons all across Canada. We pray that they will continue to find holy encouragement and hope in […]

The Song Of Our Hearts

We pray that the Lord would impart a holy song from heaven into the hearts of our staff, volunteers, supporters, and those we serve, that makes the day just a […]

They Know Not…

Lord we intercede for those who are struggling to take responsibility for their sin so that they might be freed to walk into a deeper experience of Your love. We […]

Critical Development

Lord, we entrust the development process we are currently undergoing as a ministry into your hands and pray that no area will be overlooked, no issue unresolved, and for a […]

Support Management

Lord, we pray that you would help us to see those areas of our relational ministry to our supporters that are lacking, and help us to find divine solutions that […]

Diversified Gifts

Lord, as the needs of the ministry change, we pray that the anointing upon our volunteers will also redirect towards those needs. May those who have been intent on serving […]

Coming Together

Lord we thank you for the wonderful opportunities that you have provided for us to gather together as one, in fellowship and communion with one another throughout the year. We […]

Provisions for Restoration

Being restored can be a spiritual journey, an emotional one, and even a physical one. We ask the Lord to pour out over the complexity of needs that prisoners, ex-prisoners, […]

PFC Communications

We pray for wisdom as we prepare our various internal and external communications as an organization, and ask for guidance for each member as we grow in both our knowledge […]

After Doubt

Lord we pray that our entire community of staff, volunteers, financial supporters and partners would continue to grow in our understanding of the issues of faith. We pray many would […]