PFC Communications

We pray for wisdom as we prepare our various internal and external communications as an organization, and ask for guidance for each member as we grow in both our knowledge […]

After Doubt

Lord we pray that our entire community of staff, volunteers, financial supporters and partners would continue to grow in our understanding of the issues of faith. We pray many would […]

Curing Complacency

Lord we ask You to shake away the spirit of complacency from the local churches and stir up a passion by Your Holy Spirit across Canada for seeking the lost […]

From Heaven To Earth

Lord, we pray that we won’t be so heavenly-minded that we miss the mark of truly understanding the depths and complexities of the issues in the lives of those we […]

Extending Our Reach

We ask the Lord that the work we do would spread through our community like a wildfire, rippling over to the communities of those in our current community. We pray […]

Financial Support

We continue to praise the Lord for all the ways that He so faithfully provides for our every need, and ask the Lord to go before us and prepare for […]

Office Management

As our needs for our national and regional offices change, we also pray for wisdom to guide us in the change of layouts, processes, procedures, and for grace to navigate […]

Returning To Home

We pray that just as the prodigal son returned to His Father’s abundant care and provision upon returning home, we would see ex-prisoners returning to an abundantly supportive community upon […]

Angel Tree Christmas

We pray over every aspect of this program, from chaplain relations, to prisoner applicants, to church sponsors, to financial contributors, to caregivers and these precious children. May the hand of […]

Angel Tree Deliveries

Lord, we pray for Your hand of protection over all of our Angel Tree sponsors who so selflessly venture to reach far out of their comfort zones to bless the lives […]

Bridgecare Workshops

We pray for many open doors in the coming weeks and months to share with prisoners about the resources of PFC's Bridgecare Directory and Mentorship Program through in-prison workshops. May the […]

Snares & Folly

Lord, we pray that You would continue to keep those whom You have called to Yourself from erring by the snares of the evil one. Give us wisdom also to […]