Federal Phone Line Growth

We ask the Lord to do something amazing at Bath Institution. We ask for revival in a spectacular way through the PFC by Phone lines. Forward the day, oh Lord, […]

You Don’t Miss A Thing, Lord

Just as you are attentive to our every way, we pray that you would give us a mind and heart towards this work with sharp attention to detail. Help us […]

Angel Tree Camps!

We pray for a new year filled with¬†fruitful¬†partnerships with local Canadian Christian camps, and we pray that every child - no matter where they reside - gets the opportunity to […]

Angel Tree Camping Applications

We pray that prisoners all across Canada will have the opportunity to participate in the Angel Tree Camping program this year. We pray that You will go before us and […]

Angel Tree Camping Support

We pray that the Lord will raise up financial support that exceeds our expectations for this program year. We pray that the full cost for every child to attend camp […]

Volunteer Engagement

We pray for all the national needs of the PFC by Phone line volunteers; for Bridgecare volunteer teams, and for In-Prison volunteer teams to facilitate curriculum. May every opportunity that […]

Expedient Clearances

As volunteers continue to make their way through the onboarding process to serve in an In-Prison setting, we pray that the Spirit of the Lord will go before them and […]

Facility Support

Often prisons are locked down due to short staffing issues and a variety of other issues. We pray that the Lord would find supernatural solutions to these problems as they […]

Staff Wellness

We lift up our dutiful national staff and pray that all throughout the year, we all get the rest and time for restoration that each one of us uniquely needs. […]

Angel Tree Coordinators

We pray that this year many volunteers with a coordinator gifting will step forward as the main contact between Prison Fellowship Canada and their local church to take on the […]

Development Project

We pray that the Lord would give us a mind attentive to the work before us. May the data flow easily to us, and the Spirit give us the knowledge, […]

Volunteers at Edmonton Max

We pray that the Spirit of the Lord would place a burden on the hearts of local Albertans who reside near Edmonton Max Institution, who would rise up and answer […]