Volunteers at Edmonton Max

We pray that the Spirit of the Lord would place a burden on the hearts of local Albertans who reside near Edmonton Max Institution, who would rise up and answer […]

Word of Knowledge

We pray that all PFC volunteers would just naturally overflow with words of knowledge that abound through their everyday speech that reach deeply into the hearts of prisoners and ex-prisoners […]

Spiritual Gifts

We pray that the Holy Spirit would release fire and boldness among PFC volunteers that empower them to serve in the power of the Spirit. May the Lord pour out […]

Worry Not

As we continue to pursue the vision that the Lord has given us for this ministry, we pray that the Lord would go before us and provide for every need […]

I’m Doing A New Thing

We stand with the Lord in agreement that this will be a season where the Lord does a new thing. May we have eyes that see, ears that hear, and […]

A Revelation of Jesus!

Many good seeds have been planted year after year through the dedicated volunteers who serve through this ministry. We pray that a moment of clarity would fall on everyone who […]

PFC by Phone

We lift up every caller who calls the line, and we pray that the Lord would give every volunteer who serves on the line just the right words to share […]

Bridgecare Employers

We lift up the very crucial need for business owners and entrepreneurs from the local church to rise up and take on the responsibility to aid and support their returning […]

Prospective Clients

We pray that whether through word of mouth; through a holy leading by the Spirit; through a random searching for online resources, or through all the many other ways that […]

Chaplaincy & Parole

We lift up the many brothers, sisters, and partners who serve in a chaplaincy or parole/probation role across Canada, who work so studiously in supporting prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families, […]

Marketing Needs

We continue to pray for fresh, appealing, robust creativity for our dedicated one-woman marketing team, Sally Doss! May the Lord give her continual joy in her work. May she find […]

Partner Engagement Manager

We thank the Lord for our brother, David Lombardo, and the gift that the Lord has bestowed upon Him to support the work of this ministry. We pray that the […]