Prospective Clients

We pray that whether through word of mouth; through a holy leading by the Spirit; through a random searching for online resources, or through all the many other ways that […]

Chaplaincy & Parole

We lift up the many brothers, sisters, and partners who serve in a chaplaincy or parole/probation role across Canada, who work so studiously in supporting prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families, […]

Marketing Needs

We continue to pray for fresh, appealing, robust creativity for our dedicated one-woman marketing team, Sally Doss! May the Lord give her continual joy in her work. May she find […]

Partner Engagement Manager

We thank the Lord for our brother, David Lombardo, and the gift that the Lord has bestowed upon Him to support the work of this ministry. We pray that the […]

Filling the Gaps

The Lord already knows our needs before we ask, yet we continue to pray that He will go before us and lead the right people in at the right time […]

Walking The Good Path

With the release of our newest Bible-based curriculum, Walking the Good Path, we pray that the favour of the Lord will go before us to create clear paths for many […]

The Forgiveness Journey

We lift up the prisoners and ex-prisoners all across Canada who are participating in the journey of forgiveness, and we pray that the Lord is softening their hearts to hear […]

The Re-Entry Journey

We thank the Lord for those who commit themselves to participate each week in learning practical steps to aid them in reintegration. We pray the Lord would meet their commitment […]

CEO, Stacey Campbell

We continue to ask the Lord to be a shield and a defence 'round about every step that Stacey takes in her path. May the Lord find unique ways to […]

Dreams & Visions

We continue to ask the Lord to reach prisoners where we cannot reach them. Through the powerful revelation that comes through dreams and visions, we pray that prisoners in every isolated […]

The Calling To Service

We pray that as volunteers move from curiosity to engagement that the Holy Spirit will find special ways to affirm them in their calling. May they hear the call through the […]

Prayer Warriors

We pray that the Lord would raise up many dedicated prayer partners who will faithfully stand in the gap for the ministry, for the staff, for the volunteers, for the […]