Staff Development

We pray that with every passing day, every one of our staff members will find a deeper sense of calling and purpose for why they were brought to be a […]

Serving Together

We lift up all of our volunteer teams across Canada—whether serving in-prison or in-community. May the Lord bring together perfect pairs for partners that help sharpen one another in the […]

Cloudstack Services

We recently encountered a development setback with our partnership with Cloudstack, and we want to pray for God's richest blessings over them as an organization. May the Lord bestow favour, […]

Brightmark Team

We lift up the diligent work of our development partners over at Brightmark and pray that the Lord will continue to give them wisdom and insight into the difficult work […]

Bridgecare Clients in QC

We lift up the Bridgecare program in Quebec and ask the Lord to begin powerfully drawing in clients from every corner of Quebec - whether released or soon to be […]

God Of The Details

We pray that in every way, God would find ways to draw our attention to the things we overlook or do not readily notice daily. May every day of service […]

Fan The Spirit’s Flames

We pray that stagnant fires will begin rising up once again with new vigour; that those barely smouldering will find renewed sources of fuel; and for those who are burning […]

Coordinating Efforts

We pray that the Lord will help us have a mind that can receive His direction and a will bold enough to act as the Lord directs us as a team to […]

Angel Tree Program Growth

We pray for more Spirit-led ideas for connecting families of prisoners to communities as we seek to build out the Angel Tree program's reach in a greater way to those […]

The Heart of the Father

As we develop our Prodigal Son curriculum, we ask the Lord to bring forth courageous men who are ready and willing to show forth the heart of our heavenly Father […]

Fundraising Needs

We pray that the Lord will stir up the areas across Canada that are lacking financial support so that every goal will be so overwhelmingly met and the future of […]

Design Development

We continue to ask the Lord to inspire perfectly fitting marketing pieces through our marketing manager that will touch the lives of those who encounter it, and powerfully communicate the […]