PFC Skills Development Clients

We thank the Lord for the many individuals who we've identified as candidates for Skills Development. In finding their way to this resource, we also pray for their encouragement along […]

In-House Development

It's so wonderful to see how the Lord helps us discover and uncover our needs as we do the work of uprooting and planting in redeveloping better practices for workflow. […]

Staff Encouragement

Though "the harvest is plentiful..." We pray that we continue to see answers to prayers, solutions to questions, resources for needs, and the presence of God daily in all that we do. […]

Volunteer Needs

We lift up all of the PFC programs across Canada and ask the Lord to amply supply our every need as a national organization. We pray that for every open […]

Volunteer Encouragement

We lift up our wonderful community of believers that the Lord has entrusted to our care, and we ask the Lord to grace each one right now in their very […]

PFC by Phone Callers

We lift up the PFC by Phone program and pray that many prisoners struggling with isolation or loneliness would find their way to the number and find meaningful encouragement and […]

In-Prison Programs

We lift up our core curriculums across Canada and pray that in every place where the person of Jesus is discussed, that the Holy Spirit will bring forth an understanding […]

Housing Resources

We continue to pray that all across Canada, God is preparing a resource for returning citizens that will help support them in the difficulty they have in finding safe housing […]

The Ministry of Dreams

We continue to pray that the Lord would begin speaking to every participant of every program to prisoners through dreams and visions and give them a boldness to share these […]

The Ministry of Angels

We pray that the Lord would release angels across Canada to support the work behind the scenes of the physical realm with everything needed to keep prisoners safe, protected, and […]

Chaplain Encouragement

We thank the Lord for the partnership of Chaplains all across Canada and pray that the Lord would provide encouragement, resources, and answers to prayer for each one. We also […]

Coordinated Efforts

We pray for alignment in every task we undertake as a ministry. May the Lord straighten out the paths that we embark upon and keep our feet from getting caught […]