Practical Accuracy

Sometimes when moving too quickly, it's easy to overlook the obvious blessings. We pray for heightened levels of discernment in all that we do - that we would not miss […]

Ministry Finances

We pray that the Lord would continue to raise up financial supporters with the consistent means to stabilize ongoing support for the work being done in each of the provinces […]

Angel Tree Connections

We pray that the local church would make meaningful connections to local families through Angel Tree Christmas sponsorships. We pray that in addition to a child of a prisoner simply […]

Times of Rest

It's quite amazing what a lean, diligent, hardworking team can accomplish day to day, but we lift up our national team today asking that the Lord would also provide restorative […]

The Present of Presence

As we approach the holiday season, we pray that the presence of God would be personally felt and experienced in the lives of every staff member, volunteer, partner, supporter, and […]

When All Else Fails

We pray for a paradigm shift right now in the lives of prisoners and ex-prisoners everywhere across Canada. Though some of the lessons we fail to learn may take us […]

Peace on Earth

We end this month praying that the peace of God would rule in our hearts. That the manifest peace seen through our lives would impact the world around us, and […]

Angel Tree Connections

We thank the Lord for the ministry of local sponsors to the families of prisoners through Angel Tree Christmas, and pray that as the gifts are delivered throughout this month, […]

PFC by Phone, Caller ‘A’

We want to lift up a caller on our PFC by Phone lines who continually struggles with very vivid dreams of returning back to drugs. The dream troubles him deeply […]

In-Prison Bible Studies

We thank the Lord for every one of the students who attend weekly Bible based curriculum training across Canada in prison, and pray for both their understanding and application of […]

Bridgecare Partners

We’ve had a lot of new volunteer team matchups with clients recently, and that has also included remote connections via Zoom. We pray that despite these additional challenges to connecting, […]

The Forgiveness Journey Graduates

We pray for our group of graduates who recently completed their work through the Forgiveness Journey curriculum and ask the Lord to grace each one with a strong affirmation of […]