Angel Tree Camping

We pray for a fruitful and prosperous camping season for Angel Tree children where many can attend a week of day or overnight Christian camp this summer. May the Lord […]

Heart Change

We pray that the Lord would prepare the hearts of those individuals in places of authority to see the benefits of PFC programs to prisoners and how they contribute to […]

Customer Relations Management

We pray for the ongoing fine-tuning of our new data management system. We ask the Lord to shine His face upon us and give us wisdom and understanding to best […]

Donor Appreciation

We thank the Lord for our faithful and generous supporters who make the work of Prison Fellowship Canada possible. We pray the Lord would bless each one who donates their […]

Strongholds Fall

Just as the walls of Jericho came tumbling down, we pray that the walls of every principality and power that stands against the mission of taking the Gospel to prisoners […]

Camp Partnerships

We thank the Lord for the generosity of camps across Canada, and we pray that in every place where a child is registered to attend, that not only would PFC […]

Social Media Plans

We pray that the Lord would inspire our PFC social media coordinator with a sound vision of who we are as an organization, and with the perfectly suited creative expressions […]

Development Insights

We pray that the Lord continues to give the leadership staff at Prison Fellowship Canada vision and direction for the future of the organization. May the Lord protect each staff […]

Rest & Relaxation

We pray that the Lord would pour out His wisdom over our staff and volunteers to know how to strike that perfect balance of work and rest. As the perfect […]

Justice and Equity

We pray that the good and perfect will of God would inspire our entire Prison Fellowship Canada community through the Holy Spirit to act justly; to love mercy, and to […]

PFC by Phone Callers

We pray that incarcerated men and women across Canada would continue to be drawn and compelled to call the PFC by Phone lines. We pray that many fruitful conversations will […]

Bridgecare Volunteers

We continue to pray that every Bridgecare volunteer client in Ontario would have a local partnered team of two volunteers available to them upon release in every major city across […]