Give Us Sight

We pray for the blind spots in our lives as volunteers, staff, and just for us as a corporate body as well. May the Spirit of Truth illuminate the things […]

Growing Pains

So often, we hear from prisoners struggling with the frustrations and pain of a season intended to nurture growth but who are still actively rebelling against God and His authority. […]

The Labourers Are Few

As we transition back to full-time in-prison ministry, we pray that we shall not lack volunteers for any of the programs where volunteers have served during the seasons of prison […]

Learning To Love

We pray for all our hearts and the hearts of those we serve to be continually renewed by the experiential loving relationship we share with our God through Christ and […]

Rest and Restored

We lift up all of our staff members across Canada and ask the Lord to bless this day with His special grace of rest. We pray that each one will […]

Serving In Unity

We pray for the Spirit of unity to be abundantly poured out over all of our work in service to the Lord of Hosts. May our volunteer partnerships be strengthened, […]


We lift up Caregivers all across Canada; single parents, grandparents and other relatives standing in the gap to care for these little ones, and we pray for God to grant […]

Technological Wisdom

As we seek to increase our reach across Canada, we pray for the technological wisdom needed to cultivate good management systems for capturing, displaying, and reporting. Lord, release the necessary […]

Marketing & Communications

We lift up Sally Doss for inspiration and creative genius as she continues to design marketing pieces that communicate the heart of the ministry through PFC’s social media and other […]

Regional Managers

We intercede on behalf of our regional managers and ask the Lord to cover them in their coming and going. We pray that they would find favour with local churches […]

Regional Growth

We seek the Lord for the preparation that precedes expanding the border of our work regionally. We pray that the Lord would highlight the things specifically needed and then make […]

Stacey Campbell, CEO

We lift up PFC CEO Stacey Campbell and pray that the Lord would continue to find very clear ways to confirm to her His direction and leading through her for […]