Culture Shocked

We pray right now for a shift in the very atmosphere of prison culture where prisoners become ministers to one another, and churches are built from the inside out! May the Lord provide his teaching Spirit, his Spirit of discernment, and unleash all of the giftings of the body of Christ in prisons.

Blessed Givers

We want to ask for a special blessing over the lives of those who partner and support the work we do at PFC. May the Lord touch each and every one of their lives in a very personal and intimate way bringing answers to prayer, restoration of broken things in their own lives, and joy overflowing.

Grace Upon Grace

We lift up returning men and women who have attended and been impacted by PFC In-Prison programs or through the PF by Phone line or Bible Studies. We pray for them to seek out and find a healthy, Spirit-filled community upon release to continue their journey into freedom.


We ask the Holy Spirit for hearts all across Canada to bear the marks of genuine and authentic change. May the testimonies of lives transformed by Your grace, Oh God, be the sign to this world of the power of the Gospel in prisoners and returning citizens.


We pray that the people who are called by the Name of the Lord, both in and out of prison, will rise up to the high calling of exemplifying what citizenship to the heavenly kingdom looks like before all in churches, in communities and in prisons.

Annual Report, 2021

We praise the Lord who has brought us both individually in our personal journeys and corporately as a ministry to this place of undeserved grace. We thank the Lord for the good and perfect things He has done this past year, now outlined in our new Annual Report, and we pray that the impact speaks […]

Regional Events

We lift up our regional managers as they work diligently to prepare various awareness and engagement events across Canada to forward the work of the ministry. We pray for holy inspiration, an abundant harvest in attendance, and an overflow of resources to meet the needs of each region. 

Branding Matters

More than just making its way into institutions, churches, and everywhere the Lord would have it go, we pray for God’s blessing and a joyful reception to our new branding designs, colours, and the deeply thought out meaning behind it all. May the Lord stir up favour among new contacts everywhere. 

Angel Tree Campers

We continue to pray for an outpouring of Angel Tree Camping children applications from both institutions and caregivers as we near the summer season and our hopeful expectation of a safe and joy-filled week of camp for these little ones. May the hand of the Lord rest firmly upon each one. 

Camp Partnerships

 We are thankful for those camps that have reached out to offer sponsorships for children with an incarcerated parent. We pray for a full supply of applications to be able to disburse this blessing of an experience to children all across Canada. 

Federal Phone Lines

We lift up our PF by Phone federal phone line clearance process and pray that any obstacles in the way to the line coming to fruition would be removed. We pray to see an expedient resolution that moves this initiative forward soon and be a blessing to many. 

Regional Monthly Giving

We are so thankful for the supporters who hear about us and feel immediately compelled to contribute to the work. Still, we pray for a steady base of monthly supporters that firmly establishes the foundation for regional development.