Speech in the Silence

We pray that in the quiet places of incarceration, especially for those who are struggling with loneliness, that your words sovereign Lord, would thunder with clarity, bringing comfort and hope; […]

Wise Tongues

We lift up PFC by Phone volunteers who confront a variety of issues on the phone lines daily and ask that in their every moment of need, they would find […]

Holy Conviction

Though prisons are difficult places to show vulnerability, we pray that our program rooms will become temples of safety where men and women are inspired to surrender and support one […]

Increase Understanding

We pray that prisons will continue to be a place for self betterment and that the resources for equipping the incarcerated population to become productive members of society will abound […]

Employers Who Believe

We pray that through the local church we would begin to see the obstacles of returning citizens come crashing down. We pray that many would be willing to employ returning […]

Equipped to Serve

We pray for all the new volunteers who are moving through PFC’s onboarding process. We pray for timely encouragement for each one throughout their journey. We pray that their hearts […]

Hope that Saves

We pray for those who have heard the Gospel and biblical teaching for many years but still struggle to see the transformative power of God in their formative stages. We […]

PFC By Phone Volunteers

We pray for every need for English and French PFC by Phone volunteers across Canada. We pray that the floodgates of volunteer support through the local church will be poured […]

The Lost Sheep

While we venture to go far and wide, may we never lose sight of the very precious souls you place right in front of us day to day in whom […]

Mental Health First Aid

We thank the Lord for the useful strategies of Mental Health training, and how it supports our ability to engage the vast variety of issues that exist within the prisoner […]

The Happiest Endings

We pray that we would continually get to see the goodness of God through the transformed lives that abound through the work of PFC’s ministry. May the joys of Jesus […]

A Pleasing Aroma

We pray that PFC volunteer’s in-prison bring such a powerful transformative presence to the prison atmosphere that it creates hunger among correctional staff, administration, and prisoners alike. We pray that […]