Breaking Down Gates (Isaiah 45:2)

We pray that any and all barriers to volunteers returning to serve in-prison would be completely and utterly destroyed and removed. We pray that the Lord will establish His servants […]

Spiritual Perception

We pray that we would continue to each individually as well as corporately grow to gain new perspectives about the work that we do; the difficulties to the work; the […]

Angel Tree Prisoner Parents

We pray for the prisoners who apply for the Angel Tree Christmas program. May this gift of connection planted in these lives be nurtured and grow so that the positive […]

Rest in Sleep

We lift up all of our staff, volunteers, donors, various partners, and especially those we serve: the prisoner, ex-prisoner, and their families, and we ask the Lord to bless us […]

ATX Institution Registration Deadline

We pray that the Chaplains, Program Staff, and other Corrections staff across Canada will see the powerful restorative benefit of Angel Tree in connecting prisoner parents with their children – […]


We take a moment to thank the Lord for all that He has done. We celebrate every victory. We thank Him for every connection that went smoothly; every need that […]

Angel Tree Christmas

We thank the Lord for the outpouring of support we continually see through local sponsors to meet the needs of these families and bestow the irreplaceable gift of connection to […]

Angel Tree Children

We especially remember the children of prisoners during this upcoming Christmas season. We pray that more than just physical gifts, the genuine gift of the Ultimate Gift-Giver would be made […]

Angel Tree Caregivers

We pray for those heavy-laden caregivers who have unexpectedly found their lives burdened by additional expenses of carrying the kids of their children or other loved ones. We pray they […]

Bridgecare Connections

We lift up the returning citizens who are working through their reintegration journeys in our Bridgecare program and ask the Lord for wisdom in finding and equipping volunteers to serve […]

Bridgecare Employers

We pray that more business owners through the local church across Canada would hear from the Lord and open their hearts to employing former prisoners. We pray that these connections […]

Bridgecare Housing

We lift up the need of returning citizens to find safe, affordable, and stable housing solutions, abounding from all kinds of supernaturally inspired ventures through the local church. May there […]