Technology Developments

We thank the Lord for all the wonderful strategies we have been uncovering in our development projects for streamlining our daily workload and making information more accurate and accessible. We continue to ask the Spirit to direct us in these efforts and to provide the provision and wisdom to address the IT needs that arise.

Care for Caregivers

We pray that the Lord would go ahead of us in preparing the hearts of both the local church sponsors and the caregivers of children for a wonderful encounter through the Angel Tree program. We pray that caregivers and other family members of those incarcerated, find support and community during this difficult time.

PFC by Phone

We thank the Lord for the amazing way He has been gradually growing the reach of the PFC by Phone program. We pray for our rollout into the federal institutions and pray for God's blessing over every need both seen and unforeseen, so that the program is a complete success.

Bridgecare Volunteers

We thank the Lord for those volunteers who stepped forward to serve their communities in a greater way through PFC's Bridgecare program. We pray that the Lord would bestow a Spirit of wisdom and shrewdness upon our volunteers to tactfully navigate this complex ministry to ex-prisoners.

PFC by Phone

We continue to lift up the prisoner callers who come to know about PFC through this program. We pray that they feel supported and develop authentic and healthy connections through the calls. We hope that they will find answers to prayers, and insight where it is needed.

Sponsorship Needs

We lift up the Angel Tree Christmas program and pray for growth in our base of sponsors to meet a growing need for sponsoring children in the program. May the Lord create unique avenues to churches learning about the program.

Marketing Materials

We thank the Lord for the special anointing of our Marketing Manager, Sally, in creating powerful and effective marketing pieces that effectively communicate the breadth of our work. We pray for every support she requires to continue to do so and for hearts receptive to the call of Christ through the various campaigns of prison […]

Prayer Partners

We thank the Lord for those who uphold our ministry in prayer and we pray that the Lord would bless them abundantly for standing so faithfully in the gap on our behalf. Surely every good thing we experience here is on account of these foundational footings. May the Lord continue to give insight to the […]

Breaking Down Gates (Isaiah 45:2)

We pray that any and all barriers to volunteers returning to serve in-prison would be completely and utterly destroyed and removed. We pray that the Lord will establish His servants in every place where He intends for them to go.

Spiritual Perception

We pray that we would continue to each individually as well as corporately grow to gain new perspectives about the work that we do; the difficulties to the work; the structure and solution to bring about effective change; and for opportunity to continually live out our mission to share these insights with the local church.

Angel Tree Prisoner Parents

We pray for the prisoners who apply for the Angel Tree Christmas program. May this gift of connection planted in these lives be nurtured and grow so that the positive relationships that have been started, mature and develop - drawing the children and their families closer to Christ and one another.

Rest in Sleep

We lift up all of our staff, volunteers, donors, various partners, and especially those we serve: the prisoner, ex-prisoner, and their families, and we ask the Lord to bless us all with the gift of true rest in Him; rest from our work; rest that restores; rest that heals; rest in our sleep.