Restorative Justice

We pray for open doors across Canada for our restorative justice programs to find new places to thrive at institutions of every security level. We pray that the Lord would […]

The Small Beginnings

We pray that the Lord will continue to bless our new Skills Development initiative and grow this resource into an active, ongoing, and flourishing support for justice affected individuals all […]

Restored Joy

We lift up all of our staff and volunteers across Canada and ask the Lord to use this Christmas season upon us to restore a deep connection of meaning behind […]

Skills Development, Client ‘A’

We lift up a young man who has just completed the apprenticeship bootcamp through our Skills Development initiative, and is trying to figure out the next steps for his life. […]

Maturing Faith

We pray for every volunteer across Canada and ask that the Holy Spirit will continue to work of sanctification by teaching our hearts and minds throughout the journey of serving […]

Come Back Home!

We pray for those returning citizens who are released from prison and who are quickly swept away from their faith by the cares of this world, and allow themselves to […]

The Purpose of Apologetics

We pray for every volunteer who serves on the PFC by Phone line, and ask the Lord to anoint and take each one to a new level of expression in […]

Resources For Prisoners

We thank the Lord for the many partners who have supplied our every need in a variety of ways that support our efforts of equipping the local church to take […]

Every Jot and Tittle, Resolved

 May the Lord give us the clarity of mind to tie up all the necessary loose ends required so that we can put down the full weight of our labours […]

Bilingual Developments

 We continue to thank the Lord for the progress we have made once again in this past year of taking the ministry further into Quebec prisons. We pray for continued […]

The Word of Restoration

 May the staff and volunteers who work so tirelessly to facilitate meaningful healing for others also find deeply meaningful means of restoration for their own lives this holiday season. May […]

Christmas Presents for Kids

 We pray that every sponsorship will be so abundantly fulfilled through our Angel Tree Christmas sponsors that each child will now have a hopeful surprise to look forward to in […]