We pray that the Holy Spirit would inspire our hearts to marvel and wonder at the God who is capable of things beyond what we can imagine. May our fears […]

Driven By Purpose

 As we embark upon the final transitioning moments from one season into another, we don’t often ‘feel’ the shift that is taking place, but may this new season inspire our […]

Peace in God

We thank the Lord for new beginnings and the opportunity to start again afresh. We thank Him for setting times and seasons in their proper place, and ask that we […]

System Transitions

We pray for a smooth transition as we embark on the journey of embracing a new data system. We pray that our entire team remains unified as we learn the […]

Data Migration

We pray for a clean and smooth migration process of our internal database from one system to another. Give each person involved with the migration a spirit of understanding to […]

Prisoner Hope

We pray that this new year brings a new stirring of hope in the hearts of prisoners for the opportunity to start anew and to turn over a new leaf […]

Volunteer Anointing

We pray a special teaching anointing upon every volunteer involved in prison ministry. May it be so that each time we speak, we speak the very oracles of God. May […]

PFC By Phone Calls

While many still celebrate the last few days of the holidays, we pray that none of the callers seeking support during this time will be missed, but would instead find […]

Released Citizens

This can be an especially challenging time to be released from prison, so we pray that those who are returning to the larger community from prison would find meaningful support […]

Take Heart, and Overcome!

The return from the holiday season can be bittersweet when you love what you do but there’s a lot more that’s been piling up to do. We pray for strategic […]

The Substance of Faith

Throughout the journey of faith, we often learn what we need to immediately learn to stabilize our faith in the earlier days, and then along the way we receive new […]

PFC By Phone Portal

We thank the Lord for the new way He has purposed for volunteers to communicate feedback and grow to be part of a larger community through the PFC by Phone […]