Bridgecare Ministry to Ex-Inmates

After their release from prison, ex-offenders face a difficult transition in the community. During this time, former offenders encounter immediate challenges; reconnecting with family, finding a place to live, searching for job opportunities in the face of stigma and building a safe community. In the absence of these material, psychological, and social supports, ex- offenders have a high probability of reoffending within 30 days of release. To address these needs, Prison Fellowship Canada facilitates ongoing healing and restoration of offenders beyond prison through community-based aftercare programming.

Communities have a key role to play in the successful reintegration of ex-offenders. Prison Fellowship Canada educates and equips church communities to journey alongside ex-offenders by forming circles of friendship and support during the transition process. We believe healing and restoration are able to flourish most among a strong body of believers that are committed to showing Christ’s love. We also partner with other organizations to strengthen local support networks for the formerly incarcerated so they are encouraged along their journey.