Raymond Mowla

National Programs Manager

Raymond started out his journey with Prison Fellowship as a volunteer in spring of 2017. By summer of that very same year, it was clear by some of his previous experiences with incarceration and his Spirit-born passion for reaching prisoners with the Gospel that he had been set apart by our Lord Jesus Christ for this ministry.

He is an Author of two books: “Broken Hearted Joy” – which tells the story of his conversion from Islam and a life of crime to the revelation that brought him to faith. “Servants of Light” captures the supernatural redemptive story of how the Spirit of God has been uniquely leading and directing his path to where he serves today.

You can find his unconventional life experiences coupled with God’s redemptive work in his life being expressed through his writing, his music, or his duties in his role as Prison Fellowship’s National Programs & Office Manager.

We are confident that his story still has many chapters yet to be written.