Stuart Tisdale

Regional Manager, British Columbia

Stuart was first introduced to prison ministry years ago by a friend who invited him to come and share his testimony with the men at Millbrook Correctional centre (now closed). He then became involved with Better Life Ministries and became a house chaplain for two halfway houses in New Westminster where he facilitated Bible studies at two institutions in the lower mainland. It was during this time that Prison Fellowship invited Better Life to take on the Angel Tree program coordination in BC, a position that Stuart gladly availed himself to.

Stuart’s introduction to Prison fellowship Canada through Angel Tree prepared him for his current position as British Columbia’s Regional Manager. God’s love for all people is Stuart’s driving passion for people regardless of what their current circumstances may be. He firmly believes that ‘God has the answer’ and it’s Stuart’s desire to help everyone he encounters to find Him and His love for them. He has travelled across Canada and the US as an itinerant minister and usually finds himself in a back alley, public park or under a bridge ministering just as much as behind a pulpit, and would have it no other way.