Walking the Good Path

We pray that this powerful program that discovers Jesus afresh in a variety of Scriptural metaphors will deeply penetrate the hearts of participants, leading them to see Jesus in a […]

Rest & Retreat

We lift up our national staff team and ask the Lord to bless their summer with lots of opportunities for restoration, and for wisdom for each one to recognize the […]

Things to Come

We ask the Lord to fill President & CEO, Stacey Campbell, with a vision for the future of PFC as she undertakes her work to develop our next five-year plan […]

Regional Reach

We thank the Lord for PFC regional managers who take the mission of PFC to the local church, engage institutions, and grow awareness for the ministry among supporters. We pray […]

New Resources

We pray for a flooding of new resources that will help support the work of the ministry at every level. We pray that in every unique circumstance that arises we […]

Restauration par des bénévoles

We pray that PFC volunteers across Canada will find time this summer to take much needed rest from their labour to center their lives on their relationship with you, Jesus […]

Technical Developments

As we begin the second iteration of our internal development project, we pray for clarity of mind, sound reasoning, thorough understanding, and mutual agreement with our development team. Mai this […]

Angel Tree Care for Caregivers

We thank the Lord for the selfless men, women, friends, and family of prisoners who take on the added responsibility of caring for a child during the parent's incarceration. We […]

L'Arbre des Anges du camp d'été

We thank the Lord for the many children who will be attending a camp this summer through the Angel Tree Camping program. We pray that it is an exceptionally memorable […]

Angel Tree Programs

We pray for the continued growth and support of our Angel Tree Christmas and Camping programs and ask the Lord that these programs are always amply supplied so that no […]

Angel Tree Camp Partners

We thank the Lord for our camp partners and pray that the Lord would continue to create many streams of revenue for them to continue to operate year to year. […]

The Aroma of Heaven

We pray for a supernatural move of the Spirit that floods prisons and jails across Canada with the beautiful scents of our heavenly home. We pray that people would be […]