In Prison Ministry (Inmates)

“Prison Fellowship Canada is playing a spiritual mentoring role in my life and is helping me to be honest, truthful, lawful, conscientious, generous, compassionate and more Christ centered day by day.” – D. an inmate in Dorchester, New Brunswick
In Prison Ministry (Inmates)

The primary mission of Prison Fellowship Canada (PFC) uses a restorative justice approach based on the life and teachings of Jesus to serve those who have been incarcerated. PFC works through a national network of trained volunteers to facilitate our programs that encourages personal transformation and healing from the harms that contributed to the offending behaviour. PFC programming encourages offenders to understand the impact of their behaviour, build competencies in empathy and responsibility, and transform shame into hope.

Our activities for offenders include:
Bible study
Mentoring groups
One-to-one mentoring
PF By Phone Spiritual Friendship
Pen Pal (No longer onboarding volunteers for this program)

For more information about our this program, or to find how to apply to become an in-prison or Pen Pal volunteer with Prison Fellowship Canada, contact us today.