Martin Shudall

Coming from the North West of England, Martin arrived in Canada with his family in 2010. Blessed with a strong family example of the interface between faith and serving others, Martin received the Lord’s calling as a teenager. However despite a vibrant engagement in church life he emerged spiritually lost at the age of eighteen. So began twenty nine years of sojourning, which included careers in administration, sales and culminated in an eighteen year career in nursing.

Two years after arriving in Canada the Lord dramatically intervened in both Martin and his family’s lives. An ongoing period of equipping and spiritual growth began, the passion to share the hope of the Gospel message has become all encompassing for Martin. Currently, this includes studying at Tyndale Seminary and being a small group leader at his church.

He became involved with Prison Fellowship Canada through its Pen Pal Program. Now presently he is working as a ministry support for Eastern Ontario and is engaged in the delivery of In-Prison programs throughout the region.

Martin has a passion in keeping with Isaiah 61:1, for those people who find themselves on the margins of society. His future goal is to pursue a vocation that combines both pastoral and prison ministry.