Watch Stacey Campbell, CEO of Prison Fellowship Canada speak at the ideacity Conference at Kroener Hall, Toronto, ON on June 16, 2016.  She shares about her personal journey of leaving the corporate world as she responds to the call to go inside Canada’s prison system to experience the power of God’s transformative work in bringing healing, hope, and restoration.

She shares her observations of the flaws in our current justice system that continues to shut out and punish inmates resulting in the recycling of offenders and increasing crime. Canada’s federal correctional system has a recidivism rate of 44% and provincial system is close to 80%.

In order to change this reality, businesses and communities at large must take the responsibility to be part of creating a culture that works to bring about transformation and healing in order to create safer places for all people.

Will you choose to make a difference? Join us in the movement to create change at Prison Fellowship Canada.

View her full talk on our YouTube Channel here.