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For thirty years and counting, Bill has been going to prison to meet his friends inside. Learn more about Bill’s passion for prison ministry.

“They know that we don’t judge them, they know that we love them, and that we accept them the way they are.”  – Bill Tarr, PFC Volunteer, Regina Provincial Correctional Centre

In 1978, Bill attended a meeting in Regina where he heard Chuck Colson share his vision for reaching the lost men and women needing Jesus in the prison through a new ministry called “Prison Fellowship Canada.”  He knew he had to be a part of this ministry.

For over thirty years, Bill has been serving as a volunteer Chapter Director at Regina Provincial Correctional Centre with Prison Fellowship Canada.  He has been going inside on a weekly basis with a group of trained volunteers to minister the love of God to inmates through worship, prayer, and bible study.

Serving in prison ministry, Bill has learned that complete restoration is not an instant arrival, but a process. He shares, “I’ve seen miracles.  I have also seen struggle. Some people just like to share about the good things, but there are people who struggle and return to prison. In their struggle the first thing they do is come back to the chapel service and to us Prison Fellowship volunteers. They know that we don’t judge them, they know that we love them, and that we accept them the way they are.  We find that many come back a few times but once they finally say  ‘If I am going to make it, I better put into practice what these volunteers have been saying and encouraging me to do.’ It is a real joy to see people take hold of truth.”

“The prison to me, is like home,” shares Bill. “People say to me, ‘Aren’t you afraid to go in there?’ I say, ‘No,’ because when I go in there I minister to men who are younger than my son’s age. Many of the men in there have never really had a father, many of them have never had anybody to instruct them or teach them.”

Bill’s consistent presence at Regina Correctional Centre has been a source of encouragement and hope to the inmates and chaplains.

“The inmates have a real respect for you because they know that we (PFC volunteers) are going to be there for them. They look forward to us coming so much. They see our faithfulness and they see our love for them. Even though many of them struggle in their faith, they know that deep in their hearts Jesus in the answer.”

Will you join Bill and other PFC volunteers to bring the gospel of grace inside prison walls? Please prayerfully consider becoming a volunteer. Learn about Volunteer opportunities here.