Western Canada

The map above represents the correctional facilities in the region that present current and potential locations for our regional ministry. There are a growing number of opportunities for new partnerships to serve in and around these locations.


British Columbia

PFC has active in-prison chapters in two federal institutions in the Lower Mainland. The Angel Tree Christmas, Camping and PenPal programs are also active in most institutions throughout the province.

To learn more about our Angel Tree Christmas campaign, contact Stuart Tisdale, our Regional Coordinator for Angel Tree in BC.


Regional Rep – Alberta
Regional Rep – Tony Hilling
Local Phone: 403-836-0740
Toll Free: 1.844.618.5867 ext 320
Mailing Address: PO Box 248, Cochrane, AB T4C 1A5

PFC has active Chapters in Calgary and Edmonton. Active ministries include our in prison, Angel Tree Christmas, Camping, and Pen Pal programs. Calgary has active partnerships with other prison ministries collaborating around aftercare supports for returning citizens.



PFC has an active In Prison Chapter in Regina and active ministries include our in prison, Angel Tree Christmas, and Pen Pal programs.