Angel Tree Christmas

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Angel Tree Christmas

“We arrived at the child’s house to deliver a gift on behalf of a parent who was in prison. We said ‘This is a Christmas present from your Dad.’ ‘From my DAD?,’ she replied – a huge smile on her face. ‘THANK YOU!’ It was so encouraging to see her face light up when she realized that her father had remembered her.”

There are 357,000 hidden victims of crime across Canada – the children of incarcerated parents. These children, often forgotten in their community, experience challenges like shame, isolation, developmental delays, poor school attendance and performance, poverty, addictions, homelessness and more because they have a parent that has been or is incarcerated.

Creating a protective environment and fostering a community of connection and care for children of incarcerated parents is the way to help counter and repair the negative impacts and trauma of being the child of a person in conflict with the law. The people and communities surrounding these children can create the stability and care a child needs to heal from the stress and trauma they experience due to their parent’s incarceration.

Prison Fellowship Canada understands that the complete journey of reconciliation and restoration for prisoners and ex-prisoners critically includes supporting their families, particularly their children. Our Angel Tree Christmas and Angel Tree Camping programs play an essential part in creating a protective and supportive environment for these children to grow and develop. Our staff, volunteers and donors work diligently to ensure that these children are not forgotten, especially at Christmas. The Angel Tree Christmas gift may be the only connection many children have with their incarcerated mom or dad. It may be the only gift they receive.

This year we have been beyond blessed by your generous support. Creating that connection between an incarcerated parent and their children will continue to impact the pathway of change for many families. To date your partnership has helped bless 3,371 children with a Christmas gift this year.

As Christmas approaches and the program is close to its end for this year, we ask first and foremost that you continue to pray for those impacted by this life-changing ministry – the children, the caregivers, and the incarcerated parents. While the program is winding down, our work is far from over. We are still collecting donations to help cover some of the program costs. Your gifts will allow us to expand and enhance the Angel Tree Christmas program. If you would like to donate, please click the button below.


May you be blessed beyond measures during this special season.