The Prodigals Return

We pray that the heart of the local church will abound in renewed compassion for both the prodigal sons who strayed from home and also for the prodigal brothers who stayed behind and yet did not know their identity. We ask the Lord to draw these two struggles together toward unity at the crossroads of […]

Restorative Prisons

We pray for a continued involvement and greater participation in the challenging work of building towards restorative prisons and communities. May the Lord continue to soften the hardened hearts toward change; and give vision and inspiration to those who hold places of authority to stand behind the evolution of practices toward a healthier solution.

Sycamore Tree 2.0

We ask the Lord to direct us every step of the way in reworking our Sycamore Tree curriculum in addressing and touching upon the deepest depths of victim-offender reconciliation. We pray for supernatural solutions and seek a supernatural God who can do it!

Listening In The Margins

We pray for a personal, private, and corporate ability to hear from God when He speaks. May the biases of our own faulty thinking be broken and healed. May the goodness that leads us to repentance be a mark of our own pursuit in ministry.

Victim Stories

We pray this year for an introduction to many who sit on the other side of crime: the victims. We pray for courage for those with a story to tell. We pray for their continued healing upon their journey. We pray for open doors that give voice to the things they've endured.

The PFC by Phone Program

We pray that the Spirit would go before us and destroy the works of shame and fear of callers and prospective callers. We ask the Lord to deeply touch all those who call with a very word from His heart through the volunteers who faithfully serve. May we see many draw near to this effective […]

Our Values

We pray that every step of our journey as staff and volunteers will lead us deeper into the image of Christ through our values: prayer, respect for all, integrity and accountability, growth, clarity, and encouragement. Let our mission be sanctified by the Spirit as we serve Him.

Tried, Tested & True

We pray that the Christ-centered focus that we take in pursuing our mission will inspire many to get involved and be a part of what the Lord is doing in the lives of prisoners, ex-prisoners and their families. May the ministry of PFC continue to attract volunteers, partners, and supporters who are devoted to the […]


As a community that gives so liberally of itself to meet the needs of others, we pray that the Lord will also make us attentive to our own need for those seasons of rest and restoration so that we may continually serve out of a place of rest.

The Glory Of The Lord

May the presence of the Lord so encompass His people who serve that it can be tangibly felt in the midst of our every interaction. May our thoughts honour Him. May our deeds declare His goodness forever. May our words be seasoned with wisdom and grace.

Technical Development

We lift up PFC's internal development project and ask the Lord to establish us at each step of theĀ development plan. Though there are many moving parts and much to learn as a team, we trust in His timing and this season of change. May the Lord equip us with all we need to navigate it […]

Reintegration Supports

We lift up the multi-faceted needs of returning citizens and continue to intercede on their behalf so that God would make a way for every need to be met. Let employers be drawn forward with job opportunities; may housing developers arise with affordable housing options; may licensing and certification professionals avail opportunities for skillsĀ development.