Technical Development

We entrust our current technical development work into the hands of the Lord and we pray that He not only gives us the foresight to anticipate our future needs, but the aptitude to both learn and benefit from the new design. May the Lord give us a mind of wisdom for every task at hand.

Prisoner Life Impact

We lift up prisoners all across Canada who have had the opportunity to attend our in-prison curriculum or those who receive support on the PFC by Phone line, and we pray that the testimony of lives encouraged or transformed would powerfully serve as a witness to others to reach out for support.

Community Advocates

We pray that the volunteers serving as volunteers with Prison Fellowship Canada would be an inspiration to many in their local churches to get involved and serve prisoners, ex-prisoners, and families of prisoners in their community. We pray that we would see the entire Canadian Christian church become places where 'prison ministry' is commonplace.

Standing In The Gap

Just as we have taken the time to reflect and pray each day, we pray that the Lord would raise up servants committed to prayer for this ministry who intercede and allow the Lord to reveal His vision for reconciliation so that they may speak it out. We pray that prayer would continually precede all […]

Speak Life

We pray that the Lord would give our entire body of staff, volunteers and donors a holy conviction for mindfulness with our words. That we would so align ourselves with the truth of who we are and what is possible in Christ by the leading of the Spirit, that we would find affirmation through our […]

Dearest Chaplains

We lift up our fellow labourers who occupy Chaplaincy positions all across Canada and ask the Lord to fill their daily work with His Spirit of joy! May the Lord find unique ways to speak to and minister to each one at the particular point of need, bringing renewed hope, shalom peace, and joy in […]

Covered in Darkness

We ask the Lord to reveal the things hidden in darkness that seek to impede our ability to serve in a greater way. May barriers be broken down; veils be lifted; iron bars be broken and light permeate every corner of the ministry. Increase our borders, Lord, God!

Marketing Needs

We lift up Sally as she continues to develop Spirit-inspired marketing pieces for social engagement and support. May the Lord give her a double portion of His creative Spirit, and a vision to create every detail of the designs that He inspires in her heart.

Decision Makers for Canada

We lift up our leaders across Canada, and we bless them in the Name of Jesus! Though it's not always easy to agree with the choices of those that God places in charge, we pray that we see the good that God envisioned for them, and we intercede on their behalf that they would indeed […]

Coordinated Efforts

Often Bridgecare volunteer teams have different schedules and clients have narrow restrictions, but we pray that despite these variables, the Lord would so prepare ways for these teams to connect that it astounds them and they would see the hand of God upon their connections.

Light A Fire In Us

We lift up all of our national staff and volunteers and we pray against any spirit of apathy or complacency. We pray that the Lord would restore the former fires in those who have long served, and ignite a new fire and zeal in those who are new to our team. We pray for vision, […]

Falling Through The Cracks

We pray that as we continue to cast and pursue our vision for the future, that we never lose sight of those details that can be so easily overlooked. May the Spirit give us an attentiveness to all the pieces that make up the whole - both in our current circumstances as well as for […]