Walking The Good Path

As we remember the prisoner, ex-prisoner, and their families, we pray for safe communities that will aid in the transformation of these lives.  As the darkness in the lives of […]

Set A Guard, Oh Lord

We ask the Lord to bestow a Spirit of wisdom over our PFC by Phone volunteers. In this area of service, where there can easily be a temptation to give […]

The Forgiveness Journey

We lift up the in-prison sessions that began last month at Maplehurst and other prisons across Canada and ask the Lord to grace each participant with a special touch of […]

Learning to Know A Tree By Its Fruit

We pray for a greater level of discernment this year for our staff, volunteers, supporters, and those we serve. May we all rise together to new levels of discernment that […]

Angel Tree Access

We pray that prisoners all across Canada will have the opportunity to participate in sending their children to a local camp this summer. May the Lord make a way so […]

Divine Assignments

We pray that each member of our national team will walk boldly into their identity and calling in a greater way throughout this year. May everything needed to assist renewal […]

Perspective Shifts

We lift up prisoners all across Canada who are struggling to see the light in the darkness of their circumstances, and we pray for a divine shift in their perspectives. […]

Partner Relations

We pray that our partnership with those who support the work we do will deepen this year. May a continual outpouring of the Holy Spirit over us all lead us […]

Dissolving Doubt

We cover our staff, volunteers, partners and clients from any spirit of doubt or fear. We pray that the perfect love that casts out all fear will be made perfect […]

Practical Resources

We pray for those returning citizens who need food to eat, a place to stay, and clothes to wear. We pray that more local churches will invest in becoming a […]

Divine Introductions

We pray for divine introductions and Spirit-led connections to new partners in the work we do. May we find a connection to new churches with volunteers ready and willing to […]

A Growing Faith

We pray that local churches across Canada will find their way to the Recommended Reading section of our website and find inspiration to learn more about serving prisoners. We pray […]