In-Prison Access

We stand against every spiritual hindrance that seeks to hinder the continued facilitation of our in-prison curriculum and pray that the Lord of Heaven's Armies will continue to lead us in triumph over every discouragement, doubt, and fear as we seek to take the Gospel to prisoners.

In-Prison Program Spots

We lift up Canadian prisons and pray that as correctional staff are impacted by the transformation of Jesus in the lives of prisoners, more programming spots will be made available to us to continue to further our reach into institutions across Canada. May the Lord remove every obstacle.

In-Prison Volunteers

We pray that in every city where a Federal, Provincial or Youth Centre is, the local churches that surround them will be moved by the Holy Spirit to get involved through PFC. We pray these mature, wise, prudent, sacrificial servants of the Lord will find their way to serving prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families through […]

PFC by Phone Calls

We pray that the Spirit of the Lord would anoint each volunteer with just the right words for every scenario that volunteers encounter on the phone lines so that prisoners can come to hear the word that brings freedom, healing, deliverance and the word of truth!

PFC by Phone Timeslot Needs

We pray that every outstanding spot where there is a need for a volunteer would be so abundantly filled with not only primary contacts but backups as well. We pray that those looking for an affirmation and sign will receive a clear, concise, and undeniable word from the Lord to encourage them in moving forward.

PFC Orientation

We thank the Lord for continuing to gradually grow the ministry by making us known in the hearts and minds of local churches across Canada. We pray that each and every one finds a fruitful place to serve and bears much fruit that brings glory to the Lord in every way.

PFC by Phone Training

We lift up our PFC by Phone training happening this month and ask the Lord to pour out an abundance of His Spirit, the Spirit of the Lord; the Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit of understanding, the Spirit of counsel, the Spirit of strength, the Spirit of knowledge; the Spirit of the fear of the […]

TFJ Curriculum Training

We thank the Lord for drawing near those who have a heart for facilitating a Bible-based curriculum in an in-prison setting. We pray that the Lord would go before them, walk beside them, guard 'round about and behind them, and fill each one with boldness like a lion to tread upon snakes and scorpions in […]

Angel Tree Prisoner Families

We pray that the experience of sending their child to camp will be restorative for prisoners, their families, and their communities in meaningful ways that deeply touch the hearts of everyone involved. May the Spirit of the Lord continually work behind the scenes to bring everyone into a stronger sense of community.

Dreams & Visions

We thank the Lord for the numerous testimonies we've recently heard of prisoners who have encountered healing, restoration, deliverance, exhortation, and direction through dreams and visions. We pray that the Lord will continue to find them where they are and speak to each one in personal ways that they would understand and receive.

Restorative Cultures

We pray that all across Canada, there would be a greater investment from all levels of government to embrace Biblical restorative justice practices in the developing concept of how prisons serve to restore prisoners to community.

Curriculum Development

We pray for the Holy Spirit to inspire and lead us as we develop the subjects that the Lord wants us to speak into prisoner lives about as we work to develop the finer details of our outstanding projects. May the Lord give us clarity when we write to communicate all He has in His […]