The Gift of Clarity

We pray that the obstructions to more clearly understanding our mission, calling, and purpose as the body of Christ would be obliterated in Jesus' Name. We pray that the gift […]

Support for Supporters

We lift up every partner organization that we work with in every capacity and ask the Lord to bless the work of their hands. We pray that they would find […]

Bridgecare Volunteers

We ask the Lord to raise up volunteers in Manitoba and Ontario who have the wisdom and heart to serve as Bridgecare mentorship volunteers. We pray that the Lord would […]

Encouragement for the Journey

Just as King David learned the art of self-encouragement, we pray that the Holy Spirit will find unique ways to stir up everyone in our community. From volunteers to prisoners […]

Exposing The Deeds of Darkness

We pray that the Lord would continue to shine His brilliant light upon any areas of darkness that abound in the places where we work and serve. We pray for […]

Housing Resources

We continue to pray that the Lord would provide the inspiration and resources for organizations to rise up that can safely and adequately solve the housing issue for returning citizens. […]

May Justice Prevail

So often we want to see our own cultural ideas of justice executed in our country but have failed to understand how God's justice is full of mercy, and the […]

Not Our Will, Lord

We pray for the attentiveness of Spirit in all our staff and volunteers to sense when the Spirit is highlighting something to us, and to surrender ourselves to the leading of […]

When Fears Cease

We pray that the crippling fear of failure; of feeling insufficient by the opinions of others, and for all the other ways that fear grips us would be completely stopped […]

Encouragement for the Journey

We pray for returning citizens through our Bridgecare program to begin encountering Jesus in tangible ways that encourage them forward in the journey ahead. Despite the difficulties that are bound […]

Favour for Programs

We pray that more institutions across Canada will continue to see the benefit of programs like Walking the Good Path, The Forgiveness Journey, and The Re-Entry Journey, and that we would find favour […]

PFC by Phone Quebec

We pray that the Lord would begin to move across Quebec raising up more bilingual volunteers who can support our prospective plan to make the PFC by Phone lines available […]