Favour for Programs

We pray that more institutions across Canada will continue to see the benefit of programs like Walking the Good Path, The Forgiveness Journey, and The Re-Entry Journey, and that we would find favour […]

PFC by Phone Quebec

We pray that the Lord would begin to move across Quebec raising up more bilingual volunteers who can support our prospective plan to make the PFC by Phone lines available […]

Angel Tree Christmas Connections

We pray that the families that were blessed through the Angel Tree Christmas program would continue to maintain continuity of connection to sponsors from their local church. We pray that […]

PFC by Phone Callers

Not everyone knows the benefit of having a wise friend to speak to. We pray that prisoners across Canada would really see the benefit and blessing of the PFC by […]

Fundraising 2024

We pray for many fruitful new opportunities to connect to new partners across Canada and make known the mission and vision of Prison Fellowship Canada. May the Lord continue to […]

Personal Development

Every staff member and volunteer are at different places in their spiritual journey, but we seek the Lord asking that what each one needs personally for this next season of […]


We recognize that there are so many layers to experiencing breakthroughs in our spiritual journey, so we ask the Lord to go before us and prepare the ground so that […]

Every Need Met

We thank the Lord for His goodness toward us in always perceiving our needs even before they arise, and amply providing by His grace for us to meet those needs. […]

Signs, Wonders & Miracles

We continue to pray to see the supernatural kingdom of God powerfully made manifest in the natural realm. May the shackles of prisoners be broken. May the prisons of Canada […]

Dreams & Visions

We continue to pray that God would minister to incarcerated men and women through dreams in clear and distinct ways that they would easily understand that brings about answers to […]

Year End Preparation

We pray for our faithful Accountant, David Saynor, as he prepares 2023 tax receipts and we pray that the Lord multiplies blessings to everyone who invested in the kingdom of […]

Life Giving Labourers 

We thank the Lord for the depth of love and devotion that every staff, volunteer, partner, and support pours out towards the call of serving prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families. […]